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Iced Turmeric Ginger Latte

This latte is absolutely wonderful -- it's the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. And it is jam-packed with incredible healing goodness. Dairy-free and sugar-free!
Jul 1, 2022 | Joy McCarthy

As you've probably noticed before, I get really excited when I have a new recipe to share that I am confident you'll love. This latte is absolutely wonderful -- it's the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. And it is jam-packed with incredible healing goodness. 

This latte is my current addiction! 

I've been drinking it in the morning, but it's lovely as an afternoon snack too! Of course, it requires a little more labour than your typical latte, but if you've got 5 minutes to grate the turmeric and ginger fresh, then you're in for a real treat.

I strongly recommend you use fresh ingredients for both ginger and turmeric when you make this latte as opposed to powder form.

It simply won't be as flavourful or health-promoting if you use powdered root, even if it's organic.

Turmeric and ginger are at the top of the list for their anti-inflammatory action compared to other foods, herbs and spices. In fact, turmeric has over 3,000 studies proving it's effective for a multitude of health concerns from inflammation to cancer so clearly modern medicine recognizes it's value. Turmeric has been used as a healing food in many cultures dating back 4,000 years ago. 

Despite popular belief, turmeric does NOT taste like curry. Although curry is delicious, this latte will not taste like curry. Turmeric is only one ingredient in curry. This latte is on the sweet side.

As I was writing this post, I got so excited about all the research I came across on turmeric. I spent hours reading it but I will keep my health benefit summary short and sweet :) 

Here are some health benefits of turmeric root:


In animal studies, turmeric has the ability to increase two specific detoxification enzymes and enhance the elimination of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals via the liver. This may be why turmeric has been linked to a reduction in colon cancer. 

Heart Health

Turmeric is a good source of vitamin B6 which helps prevent an inflammatory chemical called homocysteine from getting too high. Homocysteine can be damaging to blood vessel walls. Turmeric may also prevent oxidation of cholesterol. Oxidized cholesterol is what causes damage to blood vessels and can lead to heart disease. 

Cancer Prevention

There has been considerable research on turmeric's affect on cancer cells. You just have to search PubMed and you'll find hundreds of studies. One that caught my eye was the ability of turmeric to reduce the risk of developing childhood leukemia. If you follow me on snapchat you know that whenever Vienna has scrambled eggs I sprinkle turmeric on them! 

As you might already have guessed, I'm a huge fan of "whole foods". I recommend food before supplementation always. However, for many years I was recommending "curcumin" supplements for pain, inflammation, cancer prevention, detoxification and more. More recent research has indicated that curcumin is very poorly absorbed on it's own. This is why I recommend the whole food (eat turmeric) because there are many phytonutrients that aid in the absorption of curcumin and contribute to the wide array of health benefits of turmeric.

An old saying comes to mind, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Even though the main ingredient was turmeric, I also used a good amount of fresh ginger as well. Turmeric and ginger are in the same family after all.

I use ginger in many recipes, as you probably have noticed. It has many anti-inflammatory benefits. It is wonderful for natural pain reduction, bloating and many digestive problems. You can read more about ginger's health benefits here and get more recipes!

I recommend you make this latte with full fat coconut milk because it will be rich and creamy. If you use coconut milk from a carton, that's fine too just make sure you purchase certified organic. Here's this wonderfully flavourful, healing iced turmeric ginger latte recipe! I adapted this recipe from Bon Appetit.

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  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 4 tsp finely grated fresh turmeric root (or pinkie size fresh root)
  • 1 tsp finely grated fresh ginger root (or pinkie size fresh root)
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup or liquid honey
  • Pinch of ground cinnamon
  1. Combine coconut milk, turmeric and ginger root in a bowl. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain through a wire mesh sieve or nut bag. Add maple syrup. Pour the strained liquid over a large glass full of ice. Sprinkle with cinnamon and ENJOY!!! It's amazing!!
  2. Or you can place all your ingredients into a high power blender and blitz. You can strain if you want or just drink it as it. You'll have some grit at the bottom of the glass which you can eat or discard.


You can toss the leftover turmeric and ginger into a smoothie the next day.
Serves 1.

Alternatively, toss all your ingredients into a blender, blitz and pour over ice.

What are some of your favourite healthy iced drinks to sip on?

Dianne   •   June 30, 2016

Where do you get fresh Turmeric? Thank you.

Heather Allen   •   June 30, 2016

Amanda   •   June 30, 2016

This sounds delicious! I do have a quixk question, can you subsitute the coconut milk with almond milk?

Heather Allen   •   June 30, 2016

Deborah Young   •   June 30, 2016

Sounds Delicious. When you say coconut milk are you meaning from the can that you make whipped cream from, or from the box/homemade coconut milk. Thanks. Love seeing the little hands on the glass She is so sweet.

Heather Allen   •   June 30, 2016

Melissa   •   June 30, 2016

Do we use canned coconut milk or the more liquid one in the carton

Heather Allen   •   June 30, 2016

Michele   •   July 3, 2016

Hi Joy, One little issue with the recipe - the turmeric stains everything it touches! I can't get it off the grater or my skin and nails!! The recipe really should offer some tips for managing that, for those of us who aren't used to working with fresh turmeric. Michele

Heather Allen   •   July 4, 2016

Ashley   •   July 4, 2016

I just bought tumeric for the first time- do I need to peel it or do you just grate it whole?

Veronica Hernandez   •   July 12, 2016
Heather Allen   •   July 13, 2016

Kirstie   •   July 8, 2016

Thanks for sharing this recipe! It tastes AMAZING! I am completely addicted and it helps to settle my stomach which is an added bonus!

Heather Allen   •   July 8, 2016

RachelleRach   •   July 8, 2016

Could you please tell me what brand of coconut milk you use?

Heather Allen   •   July 11, 2016

Charlene   •   July 17, 2016

Wow, amazing recipe and so tasty :) I'm wondering, as fresh turmeric is not available all year long at my supermarket, can it be frozen ? Thanks !

Heather Allen   •   July 18, 2016

Natalie T.   •   July 23, 2016

Very tasty! I've made this twice already. I'm wondering if maybe I could freeze the ginger/turmeric pulp to use again later. I don't really want to add it to a smoothie, but hate throwing it all away.

Heather Allen   •   July 25, 2016

Asma   •   July 25, 2016

Oh I need to go make this right now. Don't you just love it when you have all the ingredients and the weather and timing is perfect too... bliss!!! Thanks Joy

Heather Allen   •   July 25, 2016

Amanda Billett   •   July 25, 2016

This is so good on a hot day. Just made it with Joy's homemade coconut milk recipe. It would probably taste creamier with a canned coconut milk, but so delicious all the same. Thanks for a great recipe!

Heather Allen   •   July 25, 2016

Veronica Hernandez   •   July 26, 2016

I tried and I love! Is it bad if I make a double dose? Only thing is my stomach needs to get used to it:) I've been craving a creamy drink and this one is just perfect. Thank you

Heather Allen   •   July 26, 2016

Lynn   •   July 27, 2016

Would it be too strong to just blend the ginger and turmeric with the milk before pouring over the ice, or why do you strain it out?

Heather Allen   •   July 28, 2016

Vanessa   •   July 28, 2016

Hi there, I love turmeric! I have made this drink twice and absolutely love it! I’m pregnant and was looking up whether turmeric root is okay to consume when pregnant but all the websites I found were about turmeric supplements. Do you know if it is okay to consume turmeric root during pregnancy? Thank you! Vanessa

Heather Allen   •   July 28, 2016

Julie   •   August 20, 2016

Hi, I've never had either Turmeric or Ginger. Do you peel them some how? Is there somewhere in particular that you would purchase this? Also which Coconut Milk would you recommend? Thank you.

Heather Allen   •   August 22, 2016

Wanda Waybright   •   September 9, 2016

I just bought the tumeric root and ginger root. I did forget the coconut milk but I do have 2%. I can't wait to try this tomorrow for my snack. It looks yummp. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Heather Allen   •   September 12, 2016

lynn maust   •   September 12, 2016

Where can I buy turmeric root? I have never noticed it in any supermarket.

Heather Allen   •   September 13, 2016

Lu   •   October 3, 2016

Can you make this drink hot too with the same ingredients?

Heather Allen   •   October 4, 2016

Sat   •   October 10, 2016

Thanks for this recipe! I've heard that in order to aid in the optimal absorption of turmeric, either black pepper or coconut oil is recommended. Is this true?

Heather Allen   •   October 11, 2016

Lorraine   •   October 20, 2016

I don't grate the ginger or turmeric, I just put all the ingredients in my NutriBullet (900w) and blend for 30 seconds. No need to strain because it comes out super smooth........instant delicious drink without the tedious grating!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 20, 2016

K K   •   October 20, 2016

I made this with almond milk and steamed the milk. Was yummy :)


April M.   •   May 28, 2017

Sounds yummy! Quick question though....I don't have access to fresh turmeric root...only ground packaged type...will I still reap similar benefits? Thank you! April


gladys   •   June 30, 2017

can i use powdered turmeric?

Rachel Molenda   •   July 3, 2017

Linda   •   July 8, 2017

How do you prevent your teeth from staining bright orange?

Joy McCarthy   •   July 9, 2017

Tpm Gibbins   •   August 13, 2017

Joy, would this work as a hot drink in the faĺl and winter?

Rachel Molenda   •   August 14, 2017

Natalie Ellis   •   April 18, 2018

Wow. The combination looks so delicious and healthy. I love recipes with clear benefits. It makes me have more encouragement to try xD. Thanks for sharing :)

Rachel Molenda   •   April 18, 2018

Melissa   •   May 1, 2018

Hello Can I enjoy this while pregnant?

Rachel Molenda   •   May 2, 2018

Deb Thornberry   •   May 31, 2018

Heat wave in Ontario. Made this


Donna S.   •   March 26, 2019

I used two packets of stevia because I didn't have maple syrup on-hand. Then, I pulled out the almond milk I had. It turned out nicely with me soaking the ginger and turmeric for only 5 minutes. The taste is distinctly differeny but pleasing. Hopefully, this will help me with "Arthur" and the knee replacement I just went through.

Joy McCarthy   •   March 26, 2019

Sid Hernandez   •   January 27, 2020

Can you drink turmeric latte if you are pregnant

Joy McCarthy   •   January 28, 2020

Emanuela   •   July 8, 2022

Joy, what about ground/powdered T

Joy McCarthy   •   July 8, 2022

Joyce   •   July 8, 2022

What brand of canned coconut milk do you use? Thank you

Joy McCarthy   •   July 8, 2022

Gina   •   July 12, 2022

Hi Joy. Can you replace coconut milk with oat or hemp milk?

Joy McCarthy   •   July 12, 2022

Liesje   •   August 10, 2022

Hi Joy! Im going to make this today! Looks fabulous and tasty! Is it canned coconut milk you are using? Thanks!

Joy McCarthy   •   August 11, 2022

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